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Tack Coat Application Rate Application Chart for Tack Coat Existing Pavement Condition Application Rate in gallons per square yard Residual Undiluted Diluted 1:1 with Water New HMA 003 - 004 Residual asphalt is the asphalt binder left over after the emulsion has set As you can see, the application rate is doubled in the

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Tack Coat Application Calculations Surface Type Residual Application Rate (gsy) New Asphalt 0020 – 0045 Existing Asphalt 0040 - 0070 Milled Surface 0040 – 0080 Portland Cement Concrete Tack Coat Rate Depends on Surface Condition Fresh Weathered

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Apr 02, 2009 · asphalt • Tack coat application rate • Area that will be paved shown on the plans For the purpose of estimating tack coat quantities, the designer should use Table 1 as a guide to determine the number of layers in which hot mix asphalt will be placed For new construction, tack coat is not required for hot mix asphalt placed over aggregate

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To determine the application rate for an asphalt emulsion tack coat, it is absolutely necessary to start with the residual asphalt content – the amount of asphalt binder remaining on the

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Tack coat application should result in a thin, uniform coating of tack coat material covering approximately 90 percent of the pavement surface (Flexible Pavements of Ohio, 2001 [2]) To achieve this result, application rate will vary based on the condition of the pavement receiving the tack coat

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BITUMINOUS TREATMENTS, SURFACE COURSES AND CONCRETE PAVEMENT SECTION 300 PRIME AND TACK COATS The target application rate may be adjusted by the Engineer to meet Tack Coat Application Rates Asphalt Mixture Type Underlying Pavement Surface Target Tack Rate (gal/yd 2 Base Course, Structural Course, Dense Graded Friction Course


application The prime coat shall be applied uniformly and at a rate that will provide a residual asphalt rate on the prepared surface as specified in the following table Type of Surface to be Primed Residual Asphalt Rate lb/sq ft (kg/sq m) Milled HMA, Aged Non-Milled HMA, Milled Concrete, Non-Milled Concrete & Tined Concrete 005 (0244)


setting emulsified asphalt tack coat materials, Figure 1 –Uniform tack-coat application (photo courtesy of the Ohio Department of Transportation) A good tack coat application will exhibit a uniform layer of bituminous material at the desired rate (gallons per square yard) Streaking and puddling,

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Tack coat (also known as bond coat) is light spray application of diluted asphalt emulsion between hot mix asphalt layers designed to create a strong adhesive bond without slippage Heavier applications may be used under porous layers or around patches where it also functions as a seal coat

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A tack coat is sprayed on the surface of an existing asphalt or concrete pavement by a distributor truck immediately prior to placing an overlay The goal is to achieve uniform coverage over …

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Also from Fig 5 the modified tack coat asphalt emulsion (tack coat asphalt emulsion with 15% Latex emulsion) has a higher shear strength value compared with the unmodified tack coat asphalt emulsion at an applied rate of 025 l/m 2 at two different temperatures 25 and 60 °C

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The objective of this study was to produce a prime and tack coat guide publication developed for project development and field personnel to provide decision-making PRIME COAT, TACK COAT, EMULSIFIED ASPHALT, CUTBACK ASPHALT 18 Distribution Statement Figure 26 Graph Tack coat application rate vs maximum shear stress45 Figure 27

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There are four essential requirements for a successful tack coat application: • Existing pavement surface must be dry and thoroughly cleaned • Proper tack coat rate must be applied • Tack coat must break prior to trucks backing over the tack or placing a new asphalt layer

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The proper amount of tack coat emulsion must be applied, because if too little is used, the bonding between the two layers of asphalt will be too weak, and if too much emulsion is used it will affect the quality of the hot mix asphalt The application rate is very important Thus, if the surface is absorbent, then more tack coat is needed


temperature Hence, tack coat residual rate and tack coat application rate differ for both field and laboratory applications Tack coat residual rate is the amount of asphalt binder remaining after water has evaporated, while tack coat application rate is the amount of liquid asphalt sprayed by the distributor (Caltrans, 2009)

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Again, if a paving grade asphalt is used as a tack coat, no break or set time is required as the paving grades have no water in them What is the optimal application rate for a tack coat? A variety of factors have been identified that influence the optimal application rate for an emulsion

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1 Application Rate: The application rate will vary depending on the surface to which it is being placed and the existing pavement condition The Allowing the emulsified asphalt tack coat material to set prior to placing the asphalt overlay will enhance opportunity for bond to occur

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•Application rate measurement Tack Coat Challenges 2/2/2016 15 •Surfaces need to be clean and dry •Uniform application •All surfaces are tacked •Tack should not be tracked off the road Best Practices •Match application to that applies tack just prior to asphalt laydown

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Application of Asphalt Material (40706) Method of Measurement (40707) and Basis of Payment (40708) Documentation Requirements - 407 Tack Coat Description (40701) Tack coat is an application of liquid asphalt material on an existing pavement surface that provides a bond with a new asphalt pavement

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The engineer’s estimate will include the precise tack coat quantity after the designer identifies 3 key things First, the number of layers between planned thickness of hot mix asphalt Secondly, the tack coat application rate And thirdly, the area that will be paved indicated on final plans

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Tack CoatBest Practices Greg Harder, PE •Tack Coat—sprayed application of liquid asphalt upon an existing asphalt or Portland cement concrete •Application rate measurement Tack Coat Challenges •Surfaces need to be clean and dry •Uniform application

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pavement is the bond strength between asphalt pavement layers Tack coat is a sprayed application of an asphalt binder upon an existing asphalt or Portland cement concrete pavement prior to an overlay, or between layers of new asphalt concrete This thin membrane of asphalt …

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Asphalt cement of performance grade PG 58-22, PG 64-22 or PG 67-22 is used for bituminous tack coat in work performed in Section 400 Use cationic emulsified asphalt as a special application material only if directed by the Engineer

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The application rate for the tack coat will also depend on the type of material used – asphalt emulsion or asphalt binder – and whether the asphalt emulsion is diluted

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For asphalt prime coat systems, the tack coat is one of the most vital parts of the process, as it connects the subsequent layers and forms the base of those layers’ strength Important things to remember about installing a tack coat are: It is vital that the prime coat is clean and dry before installing a tack coat

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section of roadway for a tack coat The tack covers 5250 linear feet in length at a width of 11 feet What is the application rate of the tack coat? _____ gal/yd2 Does this meet specification? 5 The Contractor has uniformly applied 2154 gallons of undiluted CRS-1 emulsion to a section of roadway for a tack coat


2) Proper tack coat rate must be applied 3) A uniform coverage of tack must be placed over the entire area to be paved 4) Tack coat must break prior to trucks backing over the tack or placing a new asphalt …

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specific gravity of 13 : Requires 2 applications * If the project uses the FP-03 calculate quantity based on area and use this value in your estimate because the FP-03 pays for the water to dilute

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Tack Coat Calculator We have set up this tack coat coverage calculator so you can quickly calculate how much tack coat to buy for a specific area with a desired application rate Change a factor and the calculator will re-figure the quantity to use If you are on a job …

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What is the purpose of a prime coat and is it necessary on a new paving project? A prime coat is an application of a low viscosity asphalt to a granular base in preparation for an initial layer (or surface course layer) of asphalt

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•Feel free to ask any question related to tack coat materials, application, etc •Focus on two important factors that suppliers are asked about a lot: •Handling and storage of emulsified asphalt •Proper storage and handling is important •Follow suppliers recommendations •Sampling and testing of emulsified asphalt

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Application (Sec 40742) The tack coat must be uniformly applied to the existing surface at the rate specified in the contract The application rate will vary depending on the type and condition of the existing surface Generally, the target application rate should follow the …